2001 Chevrolet C-Series

Fluids Capacities and Specifications

Engine Oil Capacities
7.2L21 quarts(19.8 L)

Additional oil is required with auxiliary oil filter systems. Make sure to add enough extra oil to fill the auxiliary oil filter system. For LUBERFINER 750-C systems, add 14 qts. (13.25 L). Extending the recommended oil change interval requires the use of an infrared oil analysis program which shows the condition of the oil and its additives. For more information, consult your GM Truck dealer, who is an authorized Caterpillar engine dealer.
8.1L6.5 quarts(6.2 L)

Verify oil level indicator after initial fill. There may be some variation in the fill level depending on the vehicle option content.
Automatic Transmission Fluid Capacities
Automatic Transmission
AT545 (For Oil Pan Filter Change)40.0 pints(19.0 L)

Add two pints (one liter) when changing spin-on filter.
MT643 (For Oil Pan Filter Change)36.0 pints(17.0 L)

Add two pints (one liter) when changing spin-on filter.
MT653 (For Oil Pan Filter Change)36.0 pints(17.0 L)

Add two pints (one liter) when changing spin-on filter.
Manual Transmission Fluid Capacities
Manual Transmission
RT660912.5 pints(5.9 L)
RT8709B25.1 pints(11.8 L)
FS4205A, FS4205B, FS42Q5C11.1 pints(5.3 L)
FS5205A, FS5205C11.6 pints(5.5 L)
FS540618.4 pints(8.7 L)
FS6305A, FS6305B18.4 pints(8.7 L)
FS640618.4 pints(8.7 L)
FS840618.5 pints(8.8 L)
RT8908 LL29.1 pints(13.8 L)
Cooling System Capacity
Cooling System
7.2 L
With Manual Transmission32.0 quarts(30.0 L)
With Automatic Transmission30.0 quarts(28.4 L)
8.1 L
With Manual Transmission26.5 quarts(25.0 L)
With Automatic Transmission24.5 quarts(23.0 L)
With Automatic Transmission with specialty hood26.5 quarts(25.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacities
Fuel Tank
Standard50 gallons(189.3 L)
Optional35 gallons(132.5 L)
Optional60 gallons(227.1 L)
Optional70 gallons(265.0 L)

Two 35-gallon (132 L) tanks
Optional100 gallons(378.5 L)

Two 50-gallon (189 L) tanks
Rear Axle Oil Capacities
Rear Axle
Tandem Axles
DS344 (front)31.0 pints(14.5 L)
RS344 (rear)28.0 pints(13.2 L)
DS454 (front)29.0 pints(15.1 L)
RS454 (rear)28.0 pints(13.2 L)
DS404, DS404P (front)31.0 pints(14.5 L)
RS404 (rear)28.0 pints(13.0 L)
DT402P (front)35.0 pints(16.5 L)
RT402 (rear)36.0 pints(17.0 L)
Single Speed
15040S21.0 pints(10.1 L)
19060S28.0 pints(13.0 L)
21060D28.0 pints(13.0 L)
21060S28.0 pints(13.0 L)
22060S28.0 pints(13.0 L)
22080S40.0 pints(19.0 L)
23080S40.0 pints(19.0 L)
2343140.0 pints(19.0 L)
23105S56.0 pints(26.5 L)
26085P41.0 pints(19.5 L)
26105S54.0 pints(25.5 L)
30105S54.0 pints(25.5 L)
15040T24.0 pints(11.0 L)
19060T34.0 pints(16.0 L)
21060T34.0 pints(16.0 L)
22060T34.0 pints(16.0 L)
23080T40.0 pints(19.0 L)
26080T40.0 pints(19.0 L)

Many people saved thousands of dollars by doing some technical service procedures for their 2001 Chevrolet C-Series by themselves. The easiest type of technical maintenance is changing engine oil, axles oil, manual and automatic transmission oil. Changing break fluid in 2001 Chevrolet C-Series is also is a simple task. If you want to change engine oil, for instance, by yourself and save a couple of bucks you need to know how much this fluid engine oil is needed for 2001 Chevrolet C-Series. If you fill engine or axles of your car with oil to the brim it may damage your vehicle engine or axles and void manufacturer warranty. Good news! We have this information and we give it to you for free.

Note: all capacities are approximate. When adding, be sure to fill to the appropriate level, as recommended in user manual for your 2001 Chevrolet C-Series. Keep in mind that all information here is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind.

Note: not all air conditioning refrigerants are the same. If the air conditioning system in your vehicle needs refrigerant, be sure the proper refrigerant is used. If you're not sure, ask your dealer.

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